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Page Load Speed ​​Study for P2P Lending and Crowdfunding Platforms

The loading speed of the platforms in which we invest is undoubtedly one of the factors that has most impact on the user experience That is why we have decided to design and publish this page speed study, to take a look at the better and faster platforms and see which ones could definitely do better.

Study Setup

For all the pages analyzed (a total of 62) we have performed a PageSpeed ​​measurement of both its mobile version and its desktop version and we have calculated the average of both values.

What is PageSpeed?
Pagespeed is a metric developed by Google that evaluates the loading speed of web pages from 0 (worst possible result) to 100 (best result) . Usually the web pages have a Desktop version (desktop) for desktop computers and a Mobile version (mobile) for mobile phones and tablets. The PageSpeed ​​analyzes the speed in both versions, since both values ​​may be different (for example, it is possible that a website that goes very well on the PC is horrible on the mobile and takes a long time to load).

After that, we classify the platforms in 5 categories, from best to worst, based on the average scores obtained in the test.

The Fastest Platforms are…

We want to highlight in this article the work of 5 platforms that do especially well in terms of navigability and loading speed anddeserve our recognition above the rest.

The TOP 5 in our study:

  • MONCERA: The fastest by far on mobile version and second fastest on desktop. The well-deserved winner of this ranking.
  • CROWDESTOR: High values in both mobile and desktop with a superb global average.
  • NORDSTREET: Incredibly fast on desktop and good enough in mobile to retain the third place.
  • CIRCULANTIS: Fairly similar results compared to Nordstreet, with very good average.
  • BRICKFY: The fastest on desktop, slightly penalized by not so great speed on mobile.


Do you want to try some of the fastest platforms in the crowd universe? 🙂