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Roman Katerynchyk – CEO and Founder – Lonvest Interview 2023


¡Hey Crowdlender!, esta es la entrevista original en inglés… si prefieres leerla en castellano, tienes la traducción en esta página 🙂


…At Lonvest, we’ve got three pillars that make us stand out among P2P investors: awesome tech, the experienced team, and a commitment to trust and security…


In a somehow crowded loan investment industry, with literally dozens of platforms available to choose from and new options available almost every month it is getting increasingly difficult for a new challenger to stand out from the crowd and for an investor to select the investment proposal that offers the most value and the least risk.

In this context, it is always refreshing to have the option to choose platforms that work with reliable partners offering Group Guarantee and that excel at offering great investment terms and functionality to its users, that is why today we have with us Roman Katerynchyk, CEO and Founder of Lonvest, to dig deeper into this promising market player. Welcome to!


1 – First of all, for all our readers perhaps still not familiar with your brand, can you please briefly summarize in 2-3 lines what Lonvest is?


Hi Jesus. Thanks for the invitation. 

Lonvest is a p2p lending platform that helps people to get passive income by investing in loans. We offer transparent, responsible and reliable investments with annual returns up to 13%.

All the products we offer are exclusive from our group. With over 7 years of experience in diverse markets, our companies have secured top positions in the niche of short-term loans and installments.

At Lonvest, we’ve got three pillars that make us stand out among P2P investors: awesome tech, the experienced team, and a commitment to trust and security. Our platform is super easy to use, with an auto-invest option and a user-friendly design. And our team has over a decade of experience in loans, investment, and risk management. 


2 – What is your unique investment proposal? What would you say are your differential strengths compared to other platforms and investment products from the competition?


We offer a range of investment opportunities, from short-term loans to long-term investments, all of which come with attractive returns – interest rates from 9% to 13%, depending on the specific country. 

With Lonvest, investors can create a diversified portfolio of loans with just a few clicks using our auto-invest feature. Our platform is also designed to be user-friendly and accessible, meaning that anyone can start investing with as little as €10.

We combine the benefits of a structured group, a group guarantee, attractive interest rates, and the flexibility to invest, making us a unique and compelling choice in the market.


3 – Indeed, one of the differential elements that Lonvest brings into the table is that fact of being part of SpaceCrew Finance group and the Group Guarantee for all loans that this alliance implies. Let’s talk a bit about SpaceCrew Finance… When was it founded? What is its mission? What is its track record? Is it a profitable business?


Our journey began in 2016 when we laid our foundation in Ukraine. Today, we proudly operate our European activities and headquarters from Kyiv, and business activities in Asia from Singapore.

Fueling our growth trajectory, we swiftly expanded our presence across the globe. In 2019, we ventured into Vietnam, establishing a foothold in an exciting and emerging market. The year 2021 witnessed our entry into the vibrant landscape of Sri-Lanka, further amplifying our reach. Most recently, we unveiled our newest office in Poland, solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional services worldwide.

Currently, the Space Crew Finance group comprises over 500 people plus each office has local operations teams that consist of 100+ people depending on the macabre business, distributed across diverse departments such as IT, risk management, finance, automation, and the call center. We have strategically organized our operations with a focus on leveraging our core competencies at our head office, while empowering field teams to tackle operational challenges.

The group’s well-defined structure, coupled with the presence of a central office, enables us to effectively scale our operations. Whenever we introduce a new product or venture into a new country, it is initiated and orchestrated from our main headquarters. This centralized approach ensures seamless coordination and efficiency throughout our expansion endeavors.

4 – Taking aside your unique strengths and thinking in general terms, do you think now -with the current macroeconomic context – is a good moment for investing in loans and building a debt portfolio?


I believe it’s essential to assess the current macroeconomic context when considering investment opportunities in loans and building a passive income portfolio. While I cannot provide personalized financial advice, I can offer some general insights.

The macroeconomic context plays a significant role in the lending industry. Factors such as interest rates, inflation, unemployment rates, and overall economic stability influence the risk and return profiles of loans.

In a robust macroeconomic environment with low-interest rates and stable economic conditions, investing in loans can present favorable opportunities. Lower interest rates can stimulate borrowing and encourage businesses and individuals to seek financing, potentially leading to a broader range of loan options for investors.

However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and consider various risk factors. Economic downturns or fluctuations can increase the default risk of borrowers and impact the overall performance of loan investments. Understanding market trends, borrower creditworthiness, and risk mitigation strategies is paramount to successful loan portfolio management.

Investing in companies with a proven track record and a deep understanding of the market is important. When a company has successfully built a robust portfolio, assembled a talented team, and consistently demonstrated profitability year after year, it serves as a strong indicator of their reliability and potential.

Furthermore, diversification is key in building a debt portfolio. Spreading investments across various loan types, industries, and borrower profiles can help mitigate risks and enhance potential returns.


5 – One question that always comes up nowadays in my community for any platform is your legal context… Are you a regulated company? Do you require a license? What is your roadmap in these regards?


Naturally, our roadmap includes obtaining a license and operating within a regulated field. We recognize the prevailing market trend towards regulation, and as a group working in diverse markets, we understand the significance of adaptability in achieving profitability. That’s precisely why we have decided to commence operations without a license, while actively pursuing the necessary steps to acquire one. Our law partners are already preparing the groundwork to ensure a smooth transition towards obtaining the required license.


6 – What are your goals for 2023 in terms of volume invested, users registered or other relevant metrics you might have?


Currently, we don’t have an immediate need for funding as all the companies on our platform are well-funded and in a growth phase. This allows us to adopt a long-term approach and proceed step by step. Our initial target for the first year is to raise 1-2 million euros. Being newcomers to the market, we understand the importance of establishing a solid reputation. To achieve this, we recognize the need for a dynamic and high-stakes offering. By showcasing multiple projects on our platform, we aim to earn the trust of investors and demonstrate our commitment to their success.

We have a comprehensive growth long-term strategy that encompasses various facets. Firstly, we aim to enhance our product offerings continually, responding to the market demand for superior alternatives to traditional banking options. With banks offering relatively low-interest rates, we recognize a favorable market environment for substantial growth, enabling us to provide our clients with more attractive investment opportunities.

Secondly, our expansion plans involve the introduction of five additional brands on our platform throughout the year – Poland, Sri-Lanka, Romania, Philippines. By introducing new companies from different countries, we can expand our geographical reach and further diversify investment options for our valued clients.

By focusing on product improvement and strategic expansion, we are poised for substantial growth and remain committed to serving our clients with innovative investment solutions that outperform traditional banking offerings.


7 – Which new functions or products are in the pipeline to further improve the platform and amplify its offer in the coming months?


At Lonvest, we highly value customer feedback as it guides our development process. The majority of our backlog is directly influenced by the requests and suggestions we receive from our users.

Now we are working on making it possible to accept investments not only from personal clients, but also from corporate ones.

We also understand the importance of adding our clients’ languages to the platform, with a focus on Spanish and German. 

In addition, we are diligently preparing to onboard new brands onto our platform. This strategic expansion of our partner network will greatly enhance our product line, offering our users an even broader range of investment opportunities.

We remain committed to listening to our users, continuously improving our platform, and expanding our offerings to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience for all.


8 – Anything else you would like to share with community? 


As a group of companies, we have ambitious plans for the future. While we currently operate in Europe and Southeast Asia, we have exciting expansion prospects in Africa and Latin America. We believe the landing page market holds immense potential and has high customer demand. We invite you to subscribe to our updates, ask questions, and stay connected. In the near future, you can expect a wealth of news and updates from our group and the Lonvest platform. Let’s embark on this journey together and create a prosperous future.


Thanks for your time, Roman!


And for all crowdlenders interested in starting to invest in Lonvest, please go ahead and take this chance to learn more about the platform and join now using this link and you will get exclusive access to the best deals in the platform!