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Interview with Fast Invest CEO – Simona Vaitkune

 “Investing Made Easy”  

Today we had the chance of interviewing Simona Vaitkune, CEO of one of our favourite P2P platforms… An investment site that with its high returns, very low-entry point, friendly interface and ultra-fast Buyback Guarantee has conquered the hearts of many investors… Yes!… we are talking about FAST INVEST 🙂



1 – What makes FAST INVEST unique among all P2P investment platforms?

SIMONA – FAST INVEST One of the main features of P2P that appeals to new starters over other forms of investment is that it’s easy to start small. With many of the P2P platforms, you can begin your portfolio with minimum funds. For example, with FAST INVEST you can start from as little as €1 – which means that you can test the water before you jump in. Of course, starting with a single Euro isn’t going to make you rich, or even be a particularly good way to take stock of your potential for return, but it does allow you to play with the platform.

Uniquely in the market of investments, FAST INVEST offers the highest level of money liquidity. Whenever our investors decide to stop investing, they can sell all investments back to us and take all the principal sum immediately using our MoneyBack Guarantee.

Additionally, well known in the market – BuyBack Guarantee – steps in for just three days of overdue loans. We offer the fastest BuyBack on the market, the loans published on our platform are getting repaid even if the borrowers are late on their payments. Our investors are still receiving the principal and interest on such loans.

Finally, most of our investors gain 13-14% returns annually. The minimum interest rate that is offered through our platform is 9%, and the maximum that we’ve had is 16%.

2 – As investors, why should we include FAST INVEST in our portfolio?

SIMONA – FAST INVEST While, when it comes to any form of investing, there is no fail-safe formula, there are steps that you can take to first, protect your assets, and second, to increase your chances of a good return. Some of these steps can be applied in broad brushstrokes to all forms of investments; others are more specific to P2P.

If there is one single golden rule of investment success, it has to be diversification. While everyone knows the adage of not putting all of one’s eggs into a single basket, it can be easy to forget the sense of this when you think that you’ve found a killer investment. The thing is, even if something looks like a sure bet, you can’t be 100% certain that it’s going to succeed, so even though, for example, we’re entirely positive that the FAST INVEST is going to be a huge success. This is not just shallow saying; we can prove it:

MoneyBack Guarantee. The platform offers a unique MoneyBack Guarantee that investors are not used to. If anyone decides to stop investing at any loan, at FAST INVEST they can sell the investments in one day. Investors do not need to worry about their assets for a month or two anymore. They can receive the funds immediately. After selling the investment, the investor receives all of the principal sum.

Lowest entry level €1.  At FAST INVEST customer comes first. We do not limit the investors’ ability to invest as much as they want in each loan.

BuyBack Guarantee. A BuyBack Guarantee protects all loans in FAST INVEST pool. It is evident for us that all investments carry some risks. There is a possibility that the borrower will stop paying his repayments for multiple reasons. We with our loan originators make sure that our customer’s investments would be safe by compensating the payment if a borrower is ever late on scheduled loan payment just for three days.

High ROI of up to 14%. FAST INVEST has one of the highest Return On Investment in the market. We offer interest rates from 9% up to 14%, 70% of our customers earn over 12% average interest rate.

AutoInvest Tool. FAST INVEST offers you an advanced investing tool – Auto Invest. This tool allows investors to create an investment portfolio, based on custom set criteria. Auto Invest is an excellent tool for saving time and ensuring diversification. Do remember that Auto Invest portfolio can be paused, resumed or canceled at any time, without any loss of your funds.

3 – Which is the greatest goal you have achieved in 2018, the one that you are most proud of?

SIMONA – FAST INVEST 545% growth of the investment volume in comparison to 2017. We experienced the exponential growth in 2018, the number of users also reached up to 30 000, and the investment volume now is already over 20 million EUR.

4 – What is your main goal for 2019?

SIMONA – FAST INVEST First of all empowering Companies as investors. Our platform is now ready and welcoming all legal entities to register and invest with FAST INVEST platform. An excellent opportunity for a business to invest.

Also, FAST INVEST is eager to open overseas markets and looking forward to introducing the enhancements in functionality and engagement of our website the users have been waiting for.

5 – Which new functionalities or products can we expect in 2019?

SIMONA – FAST INVEST We just renewed our website, and we are working on the mobile app which we are hoping to introduce during 2019. Also, our account statistics page is a new step in analysing investments – quickly getting statements for any previous year, clarifying returns by investment, country, currency, etc. This is something that a lot of investors have been waiting for.

6 – How / why did you choose the name: FAST INVEST for your investment platform? what is the story behind?

SIMONA – FAST INVEST Our primary strategy of operations is to think big and act fast. Easy and fast registration to gain profits. FAST INVEST is the fastest in the market to take action with our guarantees – one day with MoneyBack and just three days with BuyBack Guarantees. This is what we stand for.

7 – Do you want to share anything with all the readers and community of

SIMONA – FAST INVEST I want to share that all of our investors can participate in our new referral campaign, spread the word about us and receive rewards. More different and exciting referral campaigns are also coming in the future.

SV  Simona Vaitkune –  CEO – Fast Invest

Thanks Simona & Fast Invest for your time! 🙂