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Omni-rating TC

Omnirating (from the merger of the term OMNI – Latin prefix with the meaning of “totality” – and RATING) is a holistic evaluation methodology that we have developed in TodoCrowdlending, aggregating more than fifty pieces of data from each crowdlending platform into an algorithm of global evaluation that gives a score of 0 to 10.

Omnirating thus fulfills the mission of harmonizing the different rankings and classifications we had to date, including our ranking of TOP platforms , our statistical ranking , the online reputation ranking and other relevant variables.

These aforementioned classifications will continue to exist and be updated as before, but we believe it is important to provide an integrating element for all of them.

The evaluable parameters fall into 4 different categories, each weighing 30% in the final mark of the Omnirating algorithm except the forth -10%-:

Category 1 (C1 – 30%) – Performance and Functionality

Todocrowdlending Omnirating

In this section, the critical performance parameters of the platform’s operations are evaluated, including gross profitability, risk, liquidity, intrinsic diversification and its functionalities as if it has a function of Autoinvest, Secondary Market, etc.

The breakdown of some of the variables that are taken into account in this category are the following:

-Gross Profitability

-Mid Term of Operations

-Minimal Investment per Operation

-Variety of currencies

-Variety of Countries

-Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

-Autoinvert functionality

– Secondary Market Functionality

-Buyback functionality

-Functionality of Direct Selling

-Availability in several languages

-Availability of Cashback, Bonuses, VIP Programs, etc.

-Absence of Commissions

-Expected Net Income after Default and Commissions

-Performance / Expected Risk Ratio

-Antique of the Company

-Business Regulation

-Liquidity of Investments


Category 2 (C2 – 30%) – Volume and Statistics

omnirating tc

This section takes into account the variables we analyze in our monthly report of crowdlending platform statistics , including data such as the volume of business that moves the platform, the number of active investors or the average investment per user.

Specifically, the following parameters are considered:

-Volume invested through the platform since the beginning of operations

-Traffic of the platform’s turnover

-Number of active users who invest in the platform

-Trending the number of investors participating in the platform’s operations

-Average investment per user in the platform

-Evolution of the average investment per user on the web


Category 3 (C3 – 30%) – Community and Reputation

In this section we take into account the impressions and opinions of the investors that are part of the community of each of the platforms we are evaluating , extracting information from sources such as:



-Google My Business

-Pages and Blogs specialized in crowdlending

– Opinion forums


Category 4 (C4 – 10%) – TodoCrowdlending Personal Factor

We reserve this last section to assess our opinions and personal experiences about this particular platform , weighing among other factors the profitability / risk binomial of the platform, its value proposition, the quality of customer service, etc.